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Dr. Geoffrey Satterfield                               


graduated in 2007 from Tufts University in Massachusetts. After spending eight years in the United States Marine Corps, Dr Satterfield's desire to continue help people and animals led him into veterinary medicine. 

Dr Satterfield spent his first few years in veterinary medicine working in a rural practice in South Texas.  There he had an opportunity to work on a wide range of animals from wild hogs to dogs to horses and cattle to white tail deer. 

Dr Satterfield has spent his last seven years working in Southern Maryland working mostly on dogs, cats, horses, goats and cows.  His most memorable veterinary experience was being able to save a "hog dog" (a dog used for hunting wild hogs) which had his intestines shredded by a wild hog.

When not working Dr Satterfield enjoys spending time with his wife and their two daughters, lifting weights and riding horses.  Their menagerie of animals includes three horses, six rescue dogs and two cats.